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Niche Marketing Strategies

Niche Marketing Strategies

Written by Garry Conn

Many bloggers often wonder some of the best niche marketing strategies are. That can be somewhat of a challenge to answer as your strategies can vary on the niche you are marketing. Here are some simple and universal thoughts that will help and guide with you through your ventures in niche marketing. These are general strategies that will help you overall. More or less, just some common sense things that I think many people including myself tend to neglect. These strategies all work very well for me with making money using Market Leverage. So here goes:

Branding: So many blogs that I find are spreading the products or things that they are trying to sell way too thin. I can visit just many niche blogs that are marketing many products and it gets overwhelming. Many months ago, I stated that new niche sites that are trying to market products and services should really pick just a few and roll with them. Even though these products aren't your own, you should act as if they were. The product that you're marketing is your brand, in essence you become an extension of the product your support and promote.

Timing: In the world of niche marketing and developing strategies, timing is everything. I focus on seasonal niche marketing. I have quite a few blogs that take full advantage of the deals market and I promote heavily holiday based products. Most profitable for me have been Black Friday, CyberModay and The Day After Christmas.

Awareness of Demand: Another reason why I work in the seasonal niche market is because I know in advanced when spikes in business will occur. People don't shop for Christmas items in July and these same people don't buy fireworks in October. I am always aware of supply and demand.

Effective Marketing: You need a channel to promote your business, product or service. I use WordPress primarily. Why? Because WordPress is a glorified web based version of FrontPage. It is well designed and produces web pages that are of very high quality in code. WordPress is very search engine friendly and with a few minor tweaks and modifications, a WordPress blog opens up a huge pipeline with many of the major search engine web crawlers. Effective marketing means everything in your niche marketing strategies. I also use online video syndication services such as YouTube, AOL Video, Revver, MySpace Video, etc. to promote my niche blog. Additionally, I use Digg, StumbleUpon, Sphinn and Propeller to thrust out mass awareness of anything I am trying to flood and promote into the blogosphere and Internet.

Micro Management / Bean Counter: Give me a blog with 100 daily visits and I'll produce a golden brick. I am very particular with things and I micro manage my traffic. When I get a visitors to my blog(s) I act as if they are physical people entering into my brick and mortar storefront. I closely control where my visitors go and what they see. My job is making sure their actions on my sites create revenue in my pocket or converts into regular readers. I closely control my outgoing links and provide very useful information.

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Is Leaning How To Make Money Online Difficult?

Is Leaning How To Make Money Online Difficult?

My name is Garry Conn and learning the business of making money online does not have to be difficult. I want to help and relieve you from the difficulties of learning how to make money online. Take a moment to join my free make money online newsletter. This will open up a direct channel of communication with me and provide you with a pipeline of priceless information that will give you all the secrets in the business of making money online. - join my Make Money Online Newsletter!

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At the bottom of this article, I have another gift that I want to give to you. For now, take a look at this article below and learn how you can successfully increase traffic to your blog by creating articles that have a positive buzz.

Top Ways To Create a Positive Buzz on Your Blog

Written by Garry Conn Republished on June 2nd, 2008

Blogs are like bubbles and the only way you can get your bubble to grow is to fill it up with something. Bubbles need air or gas to expand. Blogs are a little more complicated. Your blog, just like a bubble needs something to fill the void, content. However, the other added element needed, unlike blowing up bubbles, is traffic.

How do you get traffic? There are many ways. For one, you can pay for traffic. I've never done that, but many people do. However, what can you do to get traffic to your blog if you can't afford to pay for it? How can you get free traffic to your blog? You have great content, you've got a nice looking blog, but you don't have traffic... how do I do this? How do I get traffic?

That is where the buzz factor kicks in. There are many ways to generate a buzz. Some people offer contests, some people create blog memes and others write posts on controversial topics. Along with the various buzz building tactics comes a reaction. A reaction is the result of blog buzz. The reactions are either negative or they are positive.

Depending on what kind of buzz tactic you use will warrant which kind of reaction you get. So the key to getting traffic is by creating a buzz. But, within that, it is advisable that you create a buzz that scores a positive reaction. Otherwise, your create one hit wonder traffic, which are people who visit your blog and don't like what they see and never will return again.

So far you have learned this:

  1. A blog needs content to grow just as a bubble needs air to expand.

  2. A blog has an added element in growing, unlike a bubble, and that is traffic.

  3. Traffic is generated by creating a buzz.

  4. A reaction is resulted from a buzz.

  5. A reaction can be either positive or negative.

  6. A positive reaction is what you should set goals towards achieving.

How Do You Create A Positive Buzz?

Here are a few off the wall ideas on how you can create a positive buzz on your blog. A positive buzz will convert visitors into regular readers. Regular readers create what I call a "Bubble Environment". A bubble environment is an environment that is encased by boundaries. It is a place that people feel safe and some can even call it home.

A bubble environment is something you want your blog to become for as many people as possible. The more people who are in your bubble, the bigger and stronger your bubble gets.

To create a bubble blog environment, you have to understand that basics needs of people in regards to what people look for in blogs. I call this, SEMI.

Use SEMI Buzz Tactics

  1. Stimulate. People want to stimulate their brains. Our brains are filled with thousands of pulsing receptors that need to be stimulated at all times.

  2. Entertain. People want to be entertained. Why else do we have The Comedy Channel and a million and one Blond Jokes?

  3. Motivate. People want to feel good. They want to be encouraged and supported. People want to be motivated and pushed towards achieving things.

  4. Informed. People want to be aware. We want to know whats going on, how did it happen, who was the cause of it, when did this happen and where do I go?

Now, in the process of creating a positive buzz, you should remember SEMI and ask yourself this, "Is my post going to stimulate, entertain, motivate or inform people?" If you can get a yes for all four questions, you then have yourself an excellent post!

Now doesn't that sound great? Much better than your typical random ramblings, cheesy blog memes and link list posts. It doesn't matter what topic you have chosen for your blog, you have an audience. The best way to reach out to your audience is to give them SEMI!

Take what you have learned in this post and write one today that follows the basic rules of SEMI and watch the traffic start to pour into your blog.

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10 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online fast

10 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online fast
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Would you like to make money online, but don't know where to begin? Here's the easiest way to get started .....easy steps that really work:The Super Affiliate Handbook
1. Find a strategic business partner. Look for ones that have the same objective. You can trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc.
2. Brand your name and business. You can easily do this by just writing articles and submitting them to e-zines or web sites for republishing.
3. Start an auction on your web site. The type of auction could be related to the theme of your site. You'll draw traffic from auctioneers and bidders.
4. Remember to take a little time out of your day or week to brainstorm. New ideas are usually the difference between success and failure.
5. Model other successful business or people. I'm not saying out right copy them, but practice some of the same habits that have made them succeed.
6. Take risks to improve your business. Sometimes businesses don't want to advertise unless it's free, sometimes you have to spend money to get results.
7. Include emotional words in your advertisements. Use ones like love, security, relief, freedom, happy, satisfaction, fun, etc.
8. Ask people online to review your web site. You can use the comments you get to improve your web site or you may turn the reviewer into a customer.
9. Out source part of your workload. You'll save on most employee costs. You could out source your secretarial work, accounting, marketing, etc.
10. Combine a product and service together in a package deal. It could increase your sales. If you're selling a book, offer an hour of consulting with it.
Quote of the Day: "Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation. Go find somebody's hand and squeeze it, while there's time." --
Dale Dauten

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make money online fast with your own home based business

Make money online fast
The home-based business allows practically anyone to work from home and enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. Many people dislike having to answer to a boss, and everyone can enjoy the many benefits a home based business provides.

Working at home provides schedule flexibility and eliminates the stress of working for someone else. A home-based can eliminate the expense and stress of the daily commute. An online business could be the answer for you to make money fast.

Many people who would love to own a home-based business don't take the initiative to start their own business. They are afraid a home-based online business won't generate the money required to work exclusively from home. Many people who could be successful home-based online business owners will never find out how successful they truly could be.

The fact is, a home-based online business can generate a good income for those wanting to work at home and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with being their own boss. All it takes is the desire to succeed. Training and knowledge of operating your own online business is plentiful and easy to access. With reasonable research and a small investment making money online is getting easier for everyone as technology changes.

Because there are scores of websites competing for business, home-based business owners should strive for high ranking search engine placement. If a website isn't listed on one of the first few pages of a search engine listing, chances are that home-based online business won't be found. People looking for websites and businesses don't usually look past the fourth or fifth page. For this reason, it's important for home-based online business owners to invest in quality website design and search engine submission.
There are free search engine submission services, but these free services don't provide everything needed to make certain a home-based business website will make it to the top of a search engine listing. Professional website designers and search engine submission services can help home-base business owners rank higher on search engine listings. Higher rankings mean more business for home-based online business owners.

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make money online fast: make money online fast

make money online fast: make money online fast

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Make money online fast
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